Thursday, 25 September 2014

Week 10 Term 3

Hi Families

We have made it to the end of term-just!!!  We are hoping that Term 4 will bring warmer weather and help to keep the nasty bugs away!!!

Project Based Learning
We have finished all our projects apart from our Outside Area group.  Their work will continue on into next term.  We have been planting, painting rocks to make some games to play outside and we are starting to create a water wall.  Watch this space!!!

Collaborate to Create
One of our favourite learning experiences!!! Thank you for bringing in so many awesome resources for the children to use.  Keep them coming if you can!!  We love watching the children taking on the challenge of working in a collaborative setting, over coming difficulties and producing some amazing end results.

Aaren and Zachariah with their Creeper Bus

PMP with Adam
This term Adam has been running the PMP (Perceptual Motor Programme) with the children.  To find out some more information about the programme click here.


The children are really enjoying both leading the workshops and participating in them. Check out some of the workshops that took place this week.

Drawing hammerhead sharks with Antos and Mikelis

Building a wooden house with Asher

Playing a card game with Freya

Learning about Minecraft with Luke and his brother Ryan from LC3

Royal NZ Navy Brass Band
We spent a fantastic morning at the Secondary school watching the Royal NZ Navy Brass Band perform.   We listened to a range of familiar soundtracks from famous movies, we learnt about the different sections in a brass band and we got to clap and dance along! We even got to sing along to a couple of our favourite songs from Frozen.  What a great way to end the term.

Sofia doing us proud by volunteering to conduct the band

Leila singing along to 'Let It Go'

Enjoy your holiday.

Kerry and Rosie

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Week 7 Term 3

Hi Families,

What an amazing week we have had culminating in our South Africa Day today.Well done to Luke, Andre and Zachariah for imagining the day and for all their hard work.  A big thank you to all our families for supporting our day, helping your child to dress up and for bringing delicious food for our shared lunch. Enjoy the photos!

Rocket Blasters
This group have been working so hard to solve the problem of how to make the rocket go up instead of sideways!!  They have been designing stands for their rocket to sit in.  As you can see from the picture, they haven't quite got there yet!!  But they are not giving up yet........

Stars and Gravity
The children in these groups have been exploring an app called 'Show Me.' They are going to use it to make their movies.  They have finished writing their scripts and should be in production mode next week!

Control Panel
The children went back to the secondary school this week with their final design. We were blown away with what they brought back to share with us.  The students that they worked with commented on how impressed they were with the level of the children's understanding and with the questions they were asking.  They have certainly done us proud.  A big thank you to the boys at the secondary school and to Freya's Mum, Ros for helping this group be so successful.

Outside Area
We are hoping to see some developments this week.  Should you have any expertise in the gardening area or resources, please let us know!  The children are keen to set up some small planting boxes with flowers, herbs and maybe sone vegetables.  We are also hoping to get some large rocks and small pebbles to paint to use for outside games.

Have a great weekend!

Kerry and Rosie