Wednesday, 11 February 2015

2015 Term 1 Weeks 1 and 2

Welcome to LC1's blog to those of you that are new and welcome back to some familiar faces!  We have got off to a flying start this year.

Our Space

A major focus over the past two weeks has been coaching the children how to use the space effectively as the third teacher.  We have set lots of areas so that the children can experience a range of learning opportunities.  Over the past two weeks we have themed a lot of the areas around 'summer' - something familiar to them.  

Using magnets with the black sand
Planting herbs in our outside area

Exploring the rock pool themed small world

Creating leaves for the sculpture tree

Using a robot voice to spell words

Our water wall

Statistics and Sorting

We have started to explore sorting into different groups in maths.  We have talked about how you can sort into different categories and have asked the children to explain their sorting choices. So far the dinosaurs have been a favourite! It has certainly tested my knowledge on them... 

Self Portraits

We have been working on drawing ourselves using a range of media.  We have focussed on different parts of our faces.  It has been wonderful to have some children from LC3 come and join us to support our children. 

Follow this Learning Story link to find out more about the self portrait work.