Sunday, 2 October 2016

Ambassador Elections

After much discussion, preparation AND anticipation, we finally held our election for the LC1 Ambassadors.

An ambassador was a role that we decided would be really valuable to LC1. Someone who is a good leader, who can support the learning of others, speak to and show visitors around our space and generally be a good role model.

Once children had indicated an interest in the role, they attended a number of workshops.  These included watching or listening to speeches made by famous people throughout history - Martin Luther King Jnr, Malala Yousafzai, Winston Churchill.  We thought about what makes a powerful speech and how to go about delivering one.

The children made some time available at school to work on their speech and they also spent time at home working on it. 

All the children and adults in the Zoom Room and LC1 voted for their three favourite candidates. The results were very close.  In fact, three candidates won 12 votes so we have ended up with 8 ambassadors as opposed to the 6 we had originally decided on.

Each and every candidate did a fabulous job and we are extremely proud of them all.  Congratulations to everyone who participated in this process.  We know that it wasn't easy and that it took courage to stand up in front of everyone and deliver your speech.  Well done to the candidates that were appointed ambassadors.  And to those that missed out, we are looking forward to providing you with another chance to become an ambassador early in term 4.

Below are the speeches from our candidates.

Hello everyone, my name is Daniel.  I am a student from LC1.  I want to be an ambassador because I can show people around and I can help people’s learning.  Also I can show my learning to other people.  Thank you.

Hi Everyone,

There are many reasons I think I would be a great ambassador for our class LC1.

  • I have a lot of experience in LC1 as I have been here for nearly 2 years!
  • I know the learning model, teachers and routine of our day.
  • I am not shy and I am very confident.
  • I am a kind, friendly and fair boy.
  • I will be on duty and show visitors around with enthusiasm.
  • I will be helpful when needed to the teachers and children in class.
  • I love my school and I will do my very best to represent everyone.
Please vote Dylan! I will make you proud! Thank you.

Hi, I'm Diego and I'm a student from LC1 that wants to be an ambassador. An ambassador is a kind of person that shows new people around the school so the visitors know where everything is. I want to be an ambassador because I think that I'm confident, brave and not shy for the job. I am very friendly to other people and like to help them when I can. Sometimes starting a new school can be scary. So when I am an ambassador new students don't need to be afraid because I will be here to help them. Please vote for me. I am the best ambassador for LC1.

Hi I am Finn. I would like to be an ambassador because I think I'll be a good role model. I always focus on my work and help tidy up, when the common is a bomb site after we've all been working very hard.

It is really important to look after new kids and to make them feel happy and safe. I use my initiative because I pick up someone else's rubbish without being told to and also if someone looks sad I go and help them sort out what's wrong.

When visitors visit our school, they want to know how we learn. I explain to them that teachers write options on the board and we look at the options and decide what we want to do during the day.

Please vote for me! I think I would be a really great ambassador.

Hello my name is Beth. I would like to be an ambassador. If I become and ambassador I will show grown ups around and help children with their work. Thank you.

Hi my name is Franiu and I would like to be an ambassador. I'm a good helper and I'm OK to talk to different people. I know about school and I'm friendly. Please vote for me.

Hello everybody. I'm Janneke. I would like to be an ambassador so that I can help the teachers, help all the new kids and help and talk to visitors. Please select me so I can help you. Thank you.

Hi I am Isaac. I am going to tell you why I will be a good ambassador. I am not shy and I help people out. I am friendly and good at talking to people. I can also talk about my learning.

I think I can be a good ambassador because I'm not shy to talk to people. And I'm good at helping people with their learning. I especially like helping others with their Maths. Also I know how LC1 works. And I like showing visitors around. Theo.

I want to be an ambassador because I am good at tidy up time and showing others what to do. I want to show visitors around the class and tell them how we do things. I like helping the teacher and others. Jeremy

Hi my name is Joshua and I would like to be an ambassador. I will show people around. Thank you for listening.

I think I will be a good ambassador because I am not shy. I care about others. I will be a good person. From Zoe.

Hello Everybody. I'm Olivia. I would like to be an ambassador. I would like to help the teachers. If I become an ambassador I would show visitors around and help kids in LC1. And I would help my friends with their work. Thank you.

Avani's speech to be posted after the holidays.