Saturday, 24 August 2013

Week 4, Term 3

Over the last two weeks we have had more new students start.   Welcome to all our new students and their families.
In our common you will notice that we have created a Recyclable table.  Items that go on this table will be used by our students to create art and construction.  We would love you to bring in items such as wool, buttons, milk bottle tops, cream tops, picture frames, egg cartons, magazines, old CD's.  

This week a group of boys got to go to Whenupai Airbase.  Corporal Robert Hunt organised a visit aboard two planes, the kids got to sit up in the cockpits and see another plane landing.

We then had lunch at the base, another highlight.  Finally the boys got to meet the security dogs.  We were able to see how they are trained and how they restrain a bad person.

Next time I hope other friends can go and do some great learning too.

Over the next two weeks we will be feeding back how your child's Personalised Learning Plan is going.