Thursday, 28 May 2015

Weeks 4 and 5, Term 2 2015

Hello Everyone!

Half way through the term already! We have welcomed lots of new children into LC1.  It's very exciting as our space is growing!

Our Autumn Provocation

In linking with the season and our environment we have set up an Autumn area in the 'I Wonder' station.  We have linked our art work and have been studying the colour, shape and texture of leaves.  We went for an Autumnal walk and collected many interesting things! When we got back to school some children were inspired to sort out the things we had found - what an amazing real life maths opportunity!


We have continued working on our disposition 'Do I collaborate effectively with others?'.  Last week we worked on how to share ideas and this week we worked on how to ask people to stop doing things we don't like.  We then went on to produce a collaborative piece of art.  I can't believe the amount of progress the children have made over the past four weeks! Lastly we reflected on our successes and problems we may have encountered. 

The Food Group

Last week we planned and made scones using our knowledge of tastes and flavours.  This week we have learnt about the Food Groups.  We then looked in our lunchboxes and sorted our food into the groups.  

The Experiments Group

We have looked into the different reactions with acids and bases.  We have learnt that when strong acids and bases are mixed they create energy called Gibbs Free Energy.  We did an acid test to see which acid reacted the most with our Baking Soda base.  In joint 3rd place came lime and orange juice, in 2nd place came lemon and ... in first place was vinegar!!

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Week 3, Term 2 2015

Hi Everyone!

We have had a great week in LC1.  Our projects are well underway and there is lots of exciting learning happening.  We also enjoyed a visit from Constable Lorena to teach us about Bike and Scooter safety this week. 

Bike and Scooter Safety

On Tuesday Constable Lorena came to teach us about Bike and Scooter safety.  Firstly we checked our helmets were tight enough and positioned on our heads correctly.  Then we checked our wheels etc and finally we practised controlling our bikes and scooters safely.  We even learnt how to do emergency stops!

Learning Advisory Time

This week we have continued our focus on 'Do I collaborate effectively with others?'.  We learnt how to ask to join in with a group that might already be playing or working.  We followed three important steps:

1. Stop and wait for a gap
2. Make sure you can be seen
3. Ask clearly 'Can I join in?'

We put this into practise.  Some of us were able to self manage and problem solve collaboratively without any support from a grown up, some of us needed to ask for help and some of us needed support for their group to be successful.  

Rashelle supporting a group 

Following Rashelle's advice and working collaboratively

1. Stopping and waiting for a gap

2. Making sure he can be seen

3. Asking clearly 'Can I join in?'

Food Project Group 

This week we have learnt about flavour and taste.  We did some taste testing and learnt which three parts of our bodies we need to help us taste - our tongue, nose and brain.  We also learnt which tastes our tongues can identify. 


The Experiment Group

This week we looked at chemical reactions and fizzing.  We made our own lemonade!  We learnt that if you add an acid to a base it will fizz up!  We then added some sugar to make it sweet enough to drink.  

The Robot Group

This week we reflected on our journey so far and decided which sort of robots we are most interested in finding out more about:

1. Underwater robots
2. Robots that travel to space
3. Household robots

Reflecting on the journey so far

Maths - Place Value

This week we have been exploring place value.  Rosie and Rashelle ran different workshops to help.  We have been learning how you can build numbers using the base ten cubes and working out how many tens and ones (and even hundreds for some of us) are in a written numeral. 

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day! For our Mums we made word clouds and then decorated them with finger prints. Lots of us have been learning about adjectives.  We thought of lots of different adjectives to described our Mums and used the website 'worditout' to create our own word clouds especially for them!