Thursday, 14 April 2016

Junior Athletics Day

Some of us wrote a recount about Athletics Day.

I went to Athletics Day on Tuesday.  First I did shot put.  Then I did high jump. After that I did running races.  It was the best day ever.  Theo

On Tuesday I had athletics.  First I did running races with LC1 and LC2.  Then I did the high jump. After that I did throwing.  Last but not least I did the sack races.  It was the best Athletics Day.  Chelsy

On Tuesday when I got to school I went to shot put.  Next I went to high jump. Then I went to javelin.  Finally I went to the running races.  It was fun.  Alfie

On Tuesday I went to Athletics Day with LC1 and LC2.  First I went to the sack races.  Then I went to the long jump.  Then I went to the throwing thingy. Finally I went to the races.  It was really fun.  Isabel

Some of us reflected on our day.

I loved the running races even though it was the hardest.  Franiu

Running races were hard but I came third.  Mason

Junior Athletics Day was great because I won four races, even the big one.  I didn't win the last one though.  Finn

I found the running easy because I can go fast as lightning!  Joshua

Running and getting a number was my favourite thing.  Catherine

I found the running races a lot hard.  I was trying to run as fast as I could but I couldn't because my normal run isn't that fast.  Jeremy

The high jump was my favourite because it was so fun.  Elizabeth

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Great Manners Day in LC1

This morning when I was doing the roll, I said to the children 'If I had a camera, I would take a photo of your great manners this morning.'  Dylan said to me 'Well go get you camera Kerry!'  So I did!!  Here are the photos I took of your amazing children this morning.  Then I showed them how to write and publish a blog post.  I have included some comments from the children :) Feel free to write a comment back for us.

LC1 is a great place to be.  Zoe

This class is really good with manners.  Kees

LC1 is a great learning space.  Dylan

I like this class because there is lots of stuff to know about.  Alfie

This school is the best place to be. Janneke

I love this school.  Jeremy

LC1 has the best manners!  Isla J

LC1 is funny!  Finn

LC1 is a good common.  Dekota

LC1 is sooooo much fun.  Elizabeth

You have to be respectful in LC1.  Maia

Sunday, 3 April 2016

Beach Education Day at Mairangi Bay

Friday 1st April 2016

Well, the weather conditions were not great but we still managed to have an amazing day!  First we spent some time in the surf club finding out about the role of a lifeguard before going on a tour of the club and heading down to the beach for some fun activities and sandcastle building action!

Then we got changed into our togs, took a very deep breath and went in for a dip!!!  

After a hot shower and some lunch, we were ready to listen to the lifeguards again who told us that not only do we need to be safe in the water, we also need to be safe in the sun.  We learnt how to -


We were also told what to do if we should get into trouble in the water - put one hand up in the air and float like a starfish.  

Thanks to the team at Mairangi Bay Surf Lifesaving Club and to our brave band of parent helpers!

Easter in LC1

We certainly celebrated Easter in style in LC1.  Firstly we took the opportunity to dress up..........

We also enjoyed our first event organised by our Parent Network - An Easter Egg Hunt AND a shared, very delicious afternoon tea.  Thank you to everyone for making the event such a success.

Swapping our easter egg tokens for the real thing!

Always time for some dancing!

Delicious afternoon tea.

And a few shots of some us enjoying the yummy food! - 







Chelsy and Janneke