Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Cultural Day!

Wow! What a fabulous day! It was wonderful to see this so embraced by the whole school! This has formed part of our immersion on 'What's Out There?' Learning Common One were certainly very excited! We spent the day taking part in different workshops, we had Chinese dragons, Maori headbands, Pacific art patterns, flag making, African tribal necklaces and Harakeke weaving.  On top of that we ate a huge range of food from many different cultures during our shared lunch and did a costume parade!  A huge THANK YOU to everyone who made our day so successful.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Week 6 Term 2

Hi Families 

Immersion Learning
We have started our new Immersion Learning this week. It is entitled 'What Is Out There?' We have started by looking at what is out there in terms of our immediate environment, Hobsonville Point. We went on a walk around the neighbourhood to see what is out there!!! We were looking in particular at signs, evidence of change and how much of nature has been left behind.



We said goodbye to the Moana Room today and welcomed the Construction Room. Again this is a work in progress and will morph and grow as the weeks go by. Come and check it out!

The Trust Licence 
Freya and Madison have been the first proud recipients of a Trust Licence for our Learning Common. We are hoping that many more will be given out over the coming weeks.

This week has seen another great example of child led workshops. It became quite obvious that Mikelis knew more than both Rosie and I about Google Earth so he led a very successful workshop focussing particularly on how Hobsonville Point used to look.

Kerry and Rosie

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Week 5 Term 2

Hi Families, Week 5 is all but over!! We are looking forward to our Celebration of Learning on Monday. More details will follow shortly. Advisory Time This week we carried on with our focus on collaborating effectively with others. We role played how to join in with a group of children who are already playing. We practised MOVING closer, WATCHING and waiting for a gap, ASKING with a brave voice.
Project Based Learning We were thrilled to see the mermaid costumes take shape this week. The mermaid groups worked exceptionally hard and all the groups finished their costume. It was amazing to see the girls so confident and capable on the sewing machine-what a great experience and an amazing finished result!!
You might have seen a new addition to our outside space. The boat builders added the finishing touches to their boat this week and it now takes pride of place outside. The children have already had so many adventures in it and sailed to faraway lands!!! We had a request from the children to turn our playhouse into a Mermaid Cave yesterday so Rosie and I turned into furniture movers after school and shifted the furniture out and tried our best to create a Mermaid Cave!! Come and look at the result so far. The 'house' furniture was moved into the large breakout space and has already been turned into a cafe today. We can't wait to watch and see that develop.