Sunday, 9 April 2017

Week 10, Term 1

This week we wrapped up the immersion phase of our learning. We have explored 'Interaction' in a range of contexts and this week the children chose a project they will be involved in over the next three weeks. 
Ask your child which project group they chose:
Where do we come from?
Competitive or Cooperative?

We had some new PINs leaders 
this week. Thank you so much to our students and parents who ran workshops for us! This week we had an awesome range of activities including easter egg decorating, colour mixing science experiments, drawing, lego, ANZAC poppy making and more. We also had our Early Learning Centre friends join us again. They come for our first PINs workshop every second week. Next week a few LC1 children will go to the ELC to run some workshops.  

Some reflections from the LC1 students:

"I like these workshops I'm going to because they're fun. I learnt science and drawing." 
- Robbie

"I ran a PINs workshop for the first time. It was drawing. It was fun helping everybody with their drawing." 
- Quinn

"I ran a PINs workshop today. We made pirate ships out of lego. It was fun. Next time I will make cars." 
- Liam

"Everyone was drawing and concentrating. It was my first time running a PINs workshop. My Grandad came to take photos. I will do a teaching Chinese workshop next time."
- Tina

"My workshop was drawing butterflies. Everyone was listening. In my second workshop some people weren't listening and following my instructions. I liked running a workshop." 
- Joy 

"I ran a PINs workshop with my Mum. It was my first time running a workshop. We did mixing colours and it was science. My favourite part was dipping the soap in the colours and watching the swirls."
- Seth

Saturday, 1 April 2017

Week 9 Term 1

This week we were lucky enough to go to 'Keeping Ourselves Safe' workshops with Constable Lauren.These workshops were also followed up in our guardian groups. These were the topics we covered: 

I Am Unique
- Who we are: all about me, what makes me special, where I live, what to do if I get lost

My Body Is My Own
- Physically me: naming body parts
- Touch: touch we like, touch that hurts, confusing touch

Dealing With Unwanted Behaviour or Touch
- Saying “No”: saying no, moving away from a frightening situation, asking for help
- Secrets and tricks: trust, not keeping secrets - always sharing a secret with a trusted adult, identifying ‘Tricks’

Adults Who Help
- Asking people we trust for help: who we can trust and talk to

For PINS this week we were lucky to have workshops from students who hadn't led a workshop before. We had an assortment of topics from:
'The Solar System, drawing Giraffes, drawing Animals, drawing Cats and Dogs, Beatboxing, Drawing Boats and creating Rainbows. It was great to see how well prepared these students were with printing off images at home and preparing activities in their own time. The workshops were all a hit and the students felt a great sense of achievement. Please let us know if your child would like to run a PINS workshop for next week.