Thursday, 10 April 2014

Week 10

Hi everyone! We can't believe it's the end of week 10 already! This week we have been conferencing with the children about their project based learning (Inquiry) and where they want to go with this next term. As you will know, our immersion has centred around Te Moana and the children have been exposed to a range of exciting experiences. The children have now formed three project groups - The mermaid costume designers, The boat builders and The pirate costume designers. Your children are very excited about the next phase of their learning! This week we have seen many children stepping up into a leadership role and running their own workshops! It's great to see them working so collaboratively with others in a range of contexts. The IEMs are going very well! Looking forward to meeting with the rest of you over the coming days.

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Week 9 Term 1

Dear Families,

The end of term is fast approaching!!  We are busy testing and conferencing the children and are looking forward to meeting with you at the IEMS over the coming week or so.

We had another great week of learning at LC1.  We have revisited doubles in our maths learning this week and are impressed at the children's progress in this area.  We have really enjoyed 'fixing things together' to make models and sculptures.  We were lucky enough to go on another trip to Kelly Tarltons this week which the children thoroughly enjoyed.  It was a great opportunity to see a range of sea creatures up close and find out some interesting facts about them.  This amazing visit was topped off by bumping into Olympic Gold Medalist Valerie Adams!!  Check out our 'See, Think, Wonder' reflections on the wall in the corridor.  These are helping us move from the immersion phase into questioning and finding out phases of our project based learning.

On Wednesday of this week Hobsonville Point had their first Market Day.  It was a roaring success and everyone who attended had lots of fun.  A big well done to all who was involved in the organisation and the running of it on the day.

Just a quick reminder that this Tuesday is Crazy Hair Pyjama Dress Up Day!!!!!

Have a great weekend.

Rosie and Kerry