Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Week 3, Term 4

Hello Everyone!

It's been quite some time since our last post and this term is already whizzing by!  We have been really busy during the first three weeks of the term with lots of exciting changes happening with our learning.


Our immersion focus this term is 'Effective Communication'.  Most days LC1 and LC2 work together in different workshops.  So far we have worked on team building and effective communication through body language and dance, art, persuasive language and giving clear instructions.

Week 1 - Team Building

Week 2 - Language

Week 3 - Language and The Art Gallery Trip

Persuasive Writing

Linking in with our 'Effective Communication' focus, most of the children in LC1 have been attending persuasive writing workshops.  In these workshops we have been focussing on the structure of a persuasive piece of writing, how to back up our opinions and some of the language features that make a strong argument. Check out the arguments below about children being allowed lollies on Halloween.  


We have been learning about shape this term.  So far we have learnt about 2D shapes and their properties, tessellation and symmetry.