Saturday, 19 March 2016

What Have We Been Up To? Week 7 Term 1

It has been another busy week in LC1.  Below are some snapshots of what we have been up to.......


                           Using a word card to support our writing.

Practising forming our letters in the right way.

Using our robot voice to match words and pictures.



We have been practising our basic facts to 5 and 10 as well as practising our doubles to 10 and 20.  Some of us have also been investigating pictograms.


We have been exploring different mediums to create a self portrait and create butterfly art.

Some of us were lucky enough to participate in a gymnastics session this week. We learnt how to do forward and backward rolls and walk along a beam amongst other things.  If we didn't get a turn this time, we will get a turn in the coming weeks.

Role Play Area 
Our house continues to be a popular place for learning.  Looks like a couple of super heroes paid a visit this week!

Learner Advisory Time
Every Friday morning we spend time exploring the dispositional statements that we are focussing on.  This week we concentrated on Do I collaborate effectively with others?

In groups of 4 we played different games that required us to take turns, communicate with and support each other.  For some of us this was quite a challenge and will be an ongoing focus.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Kerry and Rashelle

Monday, 14 March 2016

Week 6 2016

Experiencing the Wonder of Nature

This week LC1 was fortunate to experience not one but two chrysalis hatchings. This was a magical moment for both the children and teachers. A range of questions and wonderings were shared as they experienced the delight of watching the butterfly emerge from it's chrysalis.

"I think caterpillars become butterflies because they don't want to stay the same."- Janneke
"Caterpillars don't want to crawl around they want to fly." -Jacob
"The chrysalis is inside the caterpillar and it comes out of it's head." Franiu
"How does it get out of the chrysalis?"- Isla.J.
"It is magical watching the butterfly come out."- Dylan
"It is beautiful."- Ella

We are excited to see how this experience will impact on our project journey. Please share your child's thoughts and reflections with us. Here is a quote that inspires our practise at HPPS:

    When your child asks,
   "Why is there a moon?"
         Don't reply with a scientific answer.
         Ask him, "What do you think?"
               He will understand that you are telling him,
                              "You have your own mind and your own interpretation and your ideas
       are important to me."
                               Then you and he can look for the answers, sharing the wonder, curiosity,
        pain- everything. 
It is not the answers that are important, 
it is the process- that you and he search together. 
-Carlina Rinaldi- Director, Reggio Emilia

This is real learning; focussing on the process not the answers. For when our children know how to learn, the ‘what to learn’ is limitless.