Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Can I Manage My Behavioural Decisions When Interacting With Others?

Negotiating our way through relationships with our peers can be tricky sometimes.

Afternoons and Fridays are times when we all come together - the children who work in the Zoom Room and those that work in the main space of LC1. 

We have been spending time in the gym completing a circuit made up of different stations like throwing bean bags into hoops, a moon hopper obstacle course, ladder jumps and balancing on the beam, shooting hoops, and so on. All of the activities require us to practise our physical skills - balancing, jumping, throwing, running.  They also require us to work alongside and together with our peers.

Before attempting the circuit for the third time, we came together and thought about what it really means to work well together.  We came up with the following ideas-

  • being a team
  • listening to others
  • being patient
  • taking turns
  • being helpful
  • leading when we can
  • being kind
  • keeping calm
  • speaking nicely to each other
  • being respectful
  • making good choices even when others aren't
Dylan then thought about one of the dispositional statements that we have been working on since the beginning of the year - 

Can I manage my behavioural decisions when interacting with others?

We thought about what this statement looks like in the context of doing a circuit in the gym.  We then had an honest conversation about the kinds of decisions we had been making and the impact we were allowing our friend's decisions to have on us.  A really awesome time of reflection that led to a more productive, successful and enjoyable time in the gym with all of our peers.