Thursday, 30 April 2015

Week 2, Term 2

Hi Everyone!
Welcome back to Term 2! Our Inventive Thinking projects are getting underway and there is a lot of exciting learning happening this term.  

The Robot Group

So far the Robot Group have looked at the purpose of a robot, designed their own robots, learnt how to program using a robotics kit and created different courses for the robotics kit robots to travel through.  

The Experiments Group

We have done a range of experiments including milk, colour and washing up liquid, oil and water, making lava, exploding colours and even making colours disappear!  The group want to continue their journey into colour and explosions and looking at chemical reactions.  Watch this space for some more amazing science experiments! To help us with our experiments we have been learning about capacity - using the language associated with it e.g. full, empty, half, almost and nearly. 



Lava with oil and salt! 


Using our capacity learning in context
First it was blue...
...and then it was clear!

The Food Group

So far we have experimented with cooking potatoes and tomorrow we are doing the same with eggs! We are using 1 simple ingredient and thinking of lots of different ways we can cook it. We have also looked at where certain foods come from.  Next we are going to look at adding flavours and different foods that are sweet, sour, spicy etc.