Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Week 5, Term 2 - Official School Opening

Today was our school's official opening ceremony. 

Zaria, Caden, Ariana, Sydney and Astin created these awesome reflections about today using Notability on the iPads. 

I liked it when I took a picture of John Key and when I did Kapa Haka - Jeremiah

I liked watching the Kapa Haka. I liked it when Nathan spoke the first part - Harry

My favourite part was when Leianah did her speech becuase she was excited - Issy

My favourite part of today was when I cut the ribbon with John Key - Maddie

I liked doing the Kapa Haka when John Key was there - Victoria

When we stood up to sing the Maori song with Adam was my favourite - Lucy

I loved eating the sausages for our special lunch! - Ariana

My favourite bit was when I saw John Key - Katie

I liked it when I made the chocolate cake - Pearl

My favourite bit was the snowflake workshop I did with Anna - Ben


Zelda said...

John Key vs Chocolate Cake hmmm!

Jebbink Family said...

All the children did so well during the school opening! We at home are enjoying reading all your blogs! :) From Astin's family

Yuri said...

A suit figure is so cool!The smile of children is wonderful^^
I want to see the achool opening ceremony! From Caden's family in Japan