Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Term 2 Week 3

Hi Everyone!

We have had a great week this week.  Our project based learning has really taken off, with the buyers from the costume groups going to spotlight to purchase the material and Grandad Ken (our woodwork expert) coming in to work with our boat builders!  Most of us have also had a great week with writing narratives.  We have been exploring known narratives and looking closely at some common features e.g. what do most narratives say in the beginning?  Some of us have begun writing the beginning and others have worked on writing full narratives.  We are blown away by their use of language and creativity!

We have also been very interested in beginning to use cms to measure material, people and wood, linking directly to our projects.  We have learnt to use tape measures and next week there will be workshops available for the children to take this learning further.  

During advisory time on Tuesday we focussed on collaboration.  There were lots of different collaborative tasks for the children, some supported and others not.  The children then plotted themselves - deciding whether they were 'supported', 'self managing' or 'self directed' for this activity.  This will be an on-going focus this term. 

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