Sunday, 31 August 2014

Week 6 Term 3

Hi Families,

You may have seen Rosie and I moving furniture out of our large breakout space recently.  We have had a big change around in there and have introduced some new learning areas for the children to explore!  We have linked each area to the Herrmann Brain Model. 

Each area has a coloured sign that corresponds to the type of thinking you will be predominately doing in that area.  We have had lots of discussions with the children about the type of thinking they are comfortable engaging in and what thinking challenges them and takes them out of their comfort zone.  It has been amazing listening to the children analyse themselves and identify where they see their strengths lie.  This week Riley said 'Kerry, I am comfortable working in the blue!' and Justin identified himself as having strengths in all the areas which is fantastic.  Come and check it out!!

One of our new areas of learning-The Puppet Show

We have had another big week engaged in our Project Based Learning.

Outside Area
Members of this group have been busy checking out websites to get prices for the things that they want to buy so they can email Daniel back with a budget. Here Danielle and Hannah are writing down some prices from the Bunnings Warehouse website.

Rocket Blasters
This week the group have been designing a holder for their rocket to try and solve the problem of the rocking launching sideways as opposed to upwards.

Gravity and Stars Groups
The children in these groups have been very busy finalising their research and collating all their information.  They have attended a script writing workshop and will progress to making their movie/documentary this coming week.

South Africa
Hopefully you have seen the flyer that came home this week which the boys in this group designed and wrote.  We are really looking forward to South Africa Day this Friday.  Please help your child to dress in colours from the South African flag and if possible, bring a plate to share for lunch.  Thanks to all our families with South African routes who have offered to bring a traditional South African dish.

Control Panel
This group has had a big week, attending a workshop led by students at the Secondary school.  What an amazing experience!!  Not only did they learn how to make more complex circuits but they also worked out how to write a code to put a message on a screen!  They will be going back this week with their final design and hopefully we will see it take shape.  

Have a great week!

Kerry and Rosie

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