Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Week 4 Term 4

Hi Families,

This week our Immersion focus has been Signs, Media, Debates and Effective Digital Communication. Workshops this week have been-

-History of Communication
-Maps and Co-ordinates
-Designing an Advertisement
-Sign Language
-Persuasive Writing
-Digital Citizenship

Take a look at these photos capturing us in action.

The History of Communication

We had to put ten forms of communication in order from oldest to newest then put them on a time line.  We looked at hieroglyphics, smoke signals, telephones, email and more!!

Designing an Advertisement

We investigated the features of an advertisement, looking at design, use of colour and persuasive language.  We had a go at designing our own advertisement.

Maps and Coordinates

We learnt how to read a map using coordinates.

Sign Language
Owen and Jenny led a workshop teaching us some sign language.

What else has been happening in LC1?

We have been very busy as usual engaged in a range of learning experiences.  Check out what we have been doing.
We are still running our student led workshops.
Here is Layla teaching how to draw griffins.
The children have been exploring water colours this week.
There have been some incredible results which we hope to display soon.
It is great to see that the Construction Zone is still as popular as
it was when it was first created in Term 2.  This is such a wonderful
space for collaboration and creativity.

Writing, writing and more writing!!!!  Asher sharing his work so proudly and James busy editing a piece of work.

And in case you didn't see us all last Friday...........

Kerry and Rosie

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