Thursday, 28 May 2015

Weeks 4 and 5, Term 2 2015

Hello Everyone!

Half way through the term already! We have welcomed lots of new children into LC1.  It's very exciting as our space is growing!

Our Autumn Provocation

In linking with the season and our environment we have set up an Autumn area in the 'I Wonder' station.  We have linked our art work and have been studying the colour, shape and texture of leaves.  We went for an Autumnal walk and collected many interesting things! When we got back to school some children were inspired to sort out the things we had found - what an amazing real life maths opportunity!


We have continued working on our disposition 'Do I collaborate effectively with others?'.  Last week we worked on how to share ideas and this week we worked on how to ask people to stop doing things we don't like.  We then went on to produce a collaborative piece of art.  I can't believe the amount of progress the children have made over the past four weeks! Lastly we reflected on our successes and problems we may have encountered. 

The Food Group

Last week we planned and made scones using our knowledge of tastes and flavours.  This week we have learnt about the Food Groups.  We then looked in our lunchboxes and sorted our food into the groups.  

The Experiments Group

We have looked into the different reactions with acids and bases.  We have learnt that when strong acids and bases are mixed they create energy called Gibbs Free Energy.  We did an acid test to see which acid reacted the most with our Baking Soda base.  In joint 3rd place came lime and orange juice, in 2nd place came lemon and ... in first place was vinegar!!

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