Thursday, 26 May 2016

Celebration of Colour

What an amazing journey the Celebrations group have been on over the last few weeks, culminating in a fantastic Celebration of Colour enjoyed by all of LC1 on Friday.

So much great learning has fallen out of planning a party.  Most recently we worked out a budget with the help of Beth's mum who is an accountant and made some healthy food for a party with Suzy, Joshua's Mum.   After working out what we would need, we headed off to Look Sharp and The Warehouse for all our tableware and decorations.  We were very careful to make sure we got the best deals!!!  

We then visited our local Countdown, enjoying a behind the scenes tour before grabbing trollies and finding everything that was on our shopping lists.

We then had to prepare all the food for the celebration.  Gemma, Keeley's Mum taught us how to ice cup cakes.  We used multi coloured icing to fit with our theme.

We also spent time with Gavin, Bella's Dad, who helped us to organise some party games for the big day.  We set to work wrapping parcels for pass the parcel, designing a dress up game and drawing a pig for pin the tail on the piggy!

Finally, there were no more sleeps and the big day had come!!!!!  A big thank you to all our families who made this celebration such a success!!!  We hope all of your children had a thoroughly good time!!

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Erin Hall said...

I really enjoyed reading this post - this has been such a fantastic learning journey! Everyone looks so happy at your Celebration of Colour. That cake looked and tasted incredible! What a fantastic group of parents we have :-)