Friday, 5 May 2017

Week 1, Term 2

Hello and Welcome to Term 2!

Our blog post this week will be focussed on our projects.  These projects are teacher led inquiries, based on the interests and questions that the children had.  They fell out of our immersion on the concept of 'Interaction' last term.  


Our money group have been busy answering the questions that the children brainstormed.  We have learnt about different shaped coins and why paper money has dollar amounts on them.  The children have enjoyed doing coin rubbings and designing their own paper play money.  Next week we will be designing our own piggy banks using recyclable materials.

Where Do We Come From?

This week we have been discussing our ethnicity and sharing our culture.We have used a world map to look at where our families have come from in relation to NZ.We have also shared food and customs in our homes and taught each other a little about our language.  We are putting together a group project book so if you have anything from home we could add to this that would be wonderful (photos, family recipe, pictures showing your origin and culture).  The group voted on a country and culture we will look at in depth next week and we have decided to explore Samoa.

Cooperation Vs Competitive 

This week we have taken part in a number of challenges:

*The Hoop Challenge
*Rob The Nest
*The Paper Chain Challenge

Watch this space for more project updates next week! 

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