Sunday, 20 August 2017

Week 4, Term 3

Week 4, Term 3

Another great week! 
This week, we have been continuing with our projects and gym kids sessions. Some of us in LC1 also had their first session of grasshopper soccer in the gym. 

Te Reo and Tikanga

We have been rotating in our guardian groups for Te Reo and Tikanga. We have been learning how to ask someone what their name is and how to respond in Te Reo. We have also been doing decorating feathers and weaving to put together for our LC1 Korowai that can be worn on special occasions. 

Singing Time 

For the past few weeks, we have been singing on Friday afternoons. LC1 and LC3 come together and sing different songs, led by Sharee. We have been really enjoying these sessions and it's really great to see some passionate singers. This is a great way for both commons to come together.


This week, only one guardian group could go to the library, as we had to have a big clean up for our cubbyholes. We are trying to keep the cubby areas tidy which is part of 'managing ourselves'. We will have the other two guardian groups go to the portal next week. 


Another great week of PINS! We are having lots of children who are keen to be leaders- which is great! Many thanks to our parents and grandparents who come in to help run our PINS workshops. Great to see everyone very excited to be part of our PINS workshops. 

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