Thursday, 13 March 2014

Week 6 Term 1

Hi everyone! We have had an action packed week 6! The children had their second swimming lesson on Thursday and we were so proud of them. All of them tried so hard, even those who were nervous at first! This week the children have also designed and built their own boats using ice block sticks, we tested them to see if they would float and had to adapt them if they didn't. Last week the children made their own fishing rod game with magnets and they were very interested in how this worked, following on from this, we set up our magnetism investigation where the children got to explore which objects were magnetic and non magnetic and identify any key features of each group. We have continued to work on writing descriptions and some of the children researched sea creatures on You Tube to help with this before writing. With adult support, You Tube is a great way of finding out more information! Next week we are excited to have Chantelle come in on Tuesday to lead sewing workshops linking to making Moana costumes. Next week we will also be sending out some information about our trip to Kelly Tarltons.

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