Sunday, 16 August 2015

Week 4, Term 3 2015

Hello Everyone!

Last week we welcomed Chelsy and her family into LC1.  That now takes our roll to 46 children... hip hip hooray!  

Projects - Bodies

This week we have learnt about blood and the heart.  We have researched in a number of ways.  We have watched You Tube clips explaining what blood is and what is does for our body.  We have also had some experts in LC1 to help us! Firstly we had a visit from Julie from the ECE and she taught us about the job of the heart.  Secondly we had Carol, a St John's first aider in to teach us how to bandage and tie a sling.

Project - Babies

This week we learnt about baby's needs.  We began to think of questions for our baby expert who is bringing in her baby next Tuesday.  We learnt that we need to work on our understanding of what a question is.  Rosie is going to lead a workshop on this on Monday for us.  

Project - NZ Birds

This week we learnt about endangered animals  We researched on You Tube and watched clips and read a book brought in by Dylan about the blue duck (an endangered bird in NZ)

Project - NZ Buildings, People and Places

This week we have learnt about a Wharenui and the parts of it.  We are collecting big boxes to build our own Wharenui in our project room.  Exciting!

Project - NZ Buildings, People and Places

This week we experimented with a feathers by putting them into oil and water and seeing what would happen. When the feather was covered in oil it became heavier.  If that was a bird it would find it difficult to float on the surface of the water.  Oil also has an effect on the bird's body temperature. 

Maths - 2D Shapes

This week we began learning about 2D shapes.  Firstly we explored them, built with them and made pictures with them.  Then we went on to name them and describe them.  Next week we are kicking off the week with a shapes in our world Inquiry.  

Art - Collage

This week we have had a skills focus on collage.  We have worked on creating collages using paper and fabric.  We learnt that to collage successfully you have to keep in the lines otherwise your picture won't look like you want it to.  Jody also did a focus on collage during specialist teaching last Thursday.  


We are loving the children's choice of projects this term!  Very exciting and it's great to see them working with such purpose and enthusiasm.  

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