Thursday, 3 September 2015

Week7, Term 3

Hello Everyone!

It has been a wonderful week in LC1.  Today we have launched PINs (Passions, Interests and Needs).  We have had some amazing parents, LC4 students and even some of our LC1 students leading workshops.  The engagement was so high and it was great to see the children interacting with parents and other students in a variety of ways.  A huge thanks to Emma and Elizabeth for spending time with us today!!


This week we had:

*Making skeletons
*Drawing Elsa
*Drawing dinosaurs
*Drawing and learning about the intestines

We are really looking forward to having more parents and children involved over the coming weeks and next term.  Please get in touch if you feel you have anything to offer! 

The Babies Group

Following on from our amazing visit from Madeleine's lamb last week we have been learning about a variety of baby animals this week.  The girls have been learning the names of the animals and have worked on creating their own fact book to give others information.  

The Bodies Group

Nathan inspired our workshops this week as he wanted to find out more about germs. First of all we learnt about what a germ is.  Then we learnt just how fast germs can spread with the glitter experiment!  In just a few moments the germs (glitter) had spread to everyone of us! Then we learnt about what happens in our bodies when germs enter.  The main ones that can make us sick are 'Bacteria' and 'Viruses'. It is important that we wash our hands with soap as this can stop the spread of them.  

The NZ Bird Group

This week the group have continued with their focus on the Moa bird and learnt about who first found the bones of a Moa.  We also learnt about whereabouts Moa birds used to live in NZ. 

The Bird Group (Asher, Ashley and Oscar)

This week they have looked at the Rainbow Lorikeet.  Please check your child's project folders for more information on where they are up to with their projects :) 

NZ People, Places and Buildings

This week the group have focussed on how clothing has changed.  We are all looking forward to our trip to the Museum next week. If you get the chance to come and see our Wharenui in the project room please do! We have worked very hard on it and have even painted some carving designs on it too.  

Our Shape Inquiry

We have continued our shape inquiry this week and began with the statement 'I think all shapes are flat'.  The children investigated and were agreeing or disagreeing with the statement.  We then set up exploration stations for them to play with the shapes and find out more.  Some children began to record their findings.  Watch this space for more research on 3D shapes next week!

Over and Out!  


Emma Job said...

LOVED being in the kitchen with the kids on Friday! Thanks Rosie, Rashelle and Erin for giving us the opportunity as parents to get involved and share our own interests and passions, I got a lot out of it personally and the kids were really engaged. I am looking forward to getting involved with more workshops in the future myself, but in the meantime we are organising workshops for this week on blogging, design/drawing, music and gardening!

Faith Griffin said...

Alfie loved running the skeleton workshop so thanks for giving him the opportunity to share his passion for art and creativity!

Faith Griffin said...

Alfie loved running the skeleton workshop thanks for giving the opportunity to share his passion for art and creativity!

Rosie Gray said...

Thank you Emma and Faith for your comments! Faith - Alfie did an amazing job! He is going to lead another session tomorrow. Hope you got the photographs we sent home!