Thursday, 22 October 2015

Our favourite things this week

This week we had a trip to the Screenies Festival. We got to go on a bendy bus! We watched 5 movies that were Margaret Mahy books. 
The movies were:

Keeping House
The Great White Man Eating Shark
The Witch In The Cherry Tree
The Three Legged Cat
The Boy With Two Shadows

After we watched the movies we learnt how stories are made into movies. We talked about showing feelings and made some story boards of our own. We had to have the beginning, middle and end of the stories. 

We ate our lunch at Western Springs Park, next to the zoo. We played on the playground. It was super cool and very fun. There were lots of things to play on. We saw chickens, swans, geese and baby chicks too. The chicks were so cute and they were fluffy.

Today we have been doing PINs (Passions, Interests, Needs workshops). Some of our workshops were gardening, making pizza, soccer, making tiger masks, making cards for the All Blacks, drawing baby dinosaurs, blogging (what we're doing right now!), learning Korean numbers, shoulder strength and fine motor skills, we also had a workshop where we learnt about how cow's milk is made. 

"My favourite part of the trip was the theatre and the playing at the park. I liked seeing the river and I liked all the movies!" Nathan

"My favourite part of the week was seeing the movies and going to the playground. I liked the Keeping House movie the best." Suah

"I liked The Witch in the Cherry Tree movie the best. I went to my Mum's workshop today. We learnt about how cows make milk and we got to taste cheese, chocolate milk, custard and yoghurt. My Mum works at Fontera." Addison

"I liked the movies, my favourite was The Witch in the Cherry Tree. I liked gardening for PINs. I liked watering the strawberry plants." Olivia

"My favourite part of the week was watching the movies. I liked The Witch in the Cherry Tree and The Boy with Two Shadows the best." Kate

"I really liked riding on the bus. Today I did gardening and I liked planting the plants in the garden." Isla

"I liked going on the bus and watching The Great White Man Eating Shark. I liked playing on the playground." Ronald

"My highlight this week was doing gardening because it was fun watering the plants. I got to plant cauliflower and tomato plants." Tekoja

Blog post by: Nathan, Suah, Addison, Olivia, Kate, Isla, Ronald and Tekoja

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