Thursday, 15 October 2015

PINs Student Blog Post

Hello Everyone,

For our PINs workshop we chose blogging. We took photos of the PINs workshops and the new kindy that opened on Monday this week. We got to walk down to the Hobsonville Point Early Learning Centre to have a look. Lucia saw her mum and her brother! Olivia was hoping to see Alexia but she was having a sleep. 

 James ran a workshop to make a tiger mask. Ronald is helping Milla cut out her tier mask.

Theo ran a workshop to teach people how to draw a pelican.  

Alfie ran a workshop about drawing Yoda.  

Patience and Maia from LC4 ran a kapa haka workshop.  

This is the blogging group standing outside the new kindergarten. 
We look like the Kings of the Castle! 

This is us in the baby room at the early learning centre. 
"I liked playing with the toys. They were really cool." - Ronald 

The front of the kindy. 

 This is Rashelle workshop. They did a treasure hunt to find key words.

 Harrison's cricket workshop.

 Baking scones with Elizabeth in the kid's kitchen. 

Yummy scones! 

Photos and blog post by Ronald, Michaella, Daniel, Lucia, Haylynn, Lucas, Olivia, Karetai.

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