Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Great Manners Day in LC1

This morning when I was doing the roll, I said to the children 'If I had a camera, I would take a photo of your great manners this morning.'  Dylan said to me 'Well go get you camera Kerry!'  So I did!!  Here are the photos I took of your amazing children this morning.  Then I showed them how to write and publish a blog post.  I have included some comments from the children :) Feel free to write a comment back for us.

LC1 is a great place to be.  Zoe

This class is really good with manners.  Kees

LC1 is a great learning space.  Dylan

I like this class because there is lots of stuff to know about.  Alfie

This school is the best place to be. Janneke

I love this school.  Jeremy

LC1 has the best manners!  Isla J

LC1 is funny!  Finn

LC1 is a good common.  Dekota

LC1 is sooooo much fun.  Elizabeth

You have to be respectful in LC1.  Maia


kushla S said...

We have had a lovely time looking at the LC1 blog. Dylan asked me to write on here and say that he really loves LC1 and all the fun things you do together as a class.

Janelle said...

Awesome! Keep it up LC1!

Rhonda Skiffington said...

Well done LC1, I love that Maia used the word respectful in her comment!

Rhonda Skiffington said...

Well done LC1! I love that Maia used the word respectful in her comment.