Thursday, 14 April 2016

Junior Athletics Day

Some of us wrote a recount about Athletics Day.

I went to Athletics Day on Tuesday.  First I did shot put.  Then I did high jump. After that I did running races.  It was the best day ever.  Theo

On Tuesday I had athletics.  First I did running races with LC1 and LC2.  Then I did the high jump. After that I did throwing.  Last but not least I did the sack races.  It was the best Athletics Day.  Chelsy

On Tuesday when I got to school I went to shot put.  Next I went to high jump. Then I went to javelin.  Finally I went to the running races.  It was fun.  Alfie

On Tuesday I went to Athletics Day with LC1 and LC2.  First I went to the sack races.  Then I went to the long jump.  Then I went to the throwing thingy. Finally I went to the races.  It was really fun.  Isabel

Some of us reflected on our day.

I loved the running races even though it was the hardest.  Franiu

Running races were hard but I came third.  Mason

Junior Athletics Day was great because I won four races, even the big one.  I didn't win the last one though.  Finn

I found the running easy because I can go fast as lightning!  Joshua

Running and getting a number was my favourite thing.  Catherine

I found the running races a lot hard.  I was trying to run as fast as I could but I couldn't because my normal run isn't that fast.  Jeremy

The high jump was my favourite because it was so fun.  Elizabeth

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